Our Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Service is completely focused on ROI and delivering new families for you to work with.

Every member of our Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) team are experienced specialists that help you win new customers and maximise your advertising spend.


We don’t bracket you in with every other independent funeral director, we understand that you are all different and have individual needs meaning we work closely with you to achieve objectives.


While we don’t have one set strategy that we roll out across all clients, focussing solely on working with Funeral Directors means we have industry knowledge and can share best practice.


Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a hugely quick and effective way of driving traffic to your website and generating new clients. It is very low risk, as you are in full control of; how much budget you want to spend, when you want to spend it (we can schedule your ads to show at times when you are most likely to convert), where you want to spend it.

Results are measurable and easy to track through the analytics of your funeral director website. This means that we are able to keep a constant eye on where successes are coming from and tailor your PPC campaign to ensure best results.

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How we work

  • Build

    We firstly look to build your campaign. Our team will work with you to open a PPC account if required or work with your existing account, reviewing previous campaigns and developing new ones.

  • Create

    We want to maximise your position and ROI. That’s why we test, test, test. We work hard to create several different adverts to test one against another and measure results.

  • Track

    You have to be able to measure results if you are going to improve. To provide us with an excellent indication of how well the Paid Search campaign is performing, we implement website tracking. From measuring click-throughs and conversions to ROI, we like website tracking as it shows you just how good we are at achieving results!

  • Analytics

    Google Analytics works hand in hand with website tracking and allows us to see exactly what pages your customer visited after clicking the ad, and at what point they left your website

  • Keyword Research

    Paid search campaigns are nothing with our Keyword Research. Funeral Director Marketing do all the hard work for you. We use our findings to create a Paid Media strategy that will really work for you.

  • Reporting

    At the end of each month we like to highlight our successes and achievements. We will show you how well we are doing to inspire confidence that our strategies work.

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